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Benefits of Communicating Net Zero

Communicating your journey from now to Net Zero can be daunting, particularly for business leaders who are unsure where to start, but when done properly, communicating what you want the world to know about your sustainability journey can provide endless opportunities for your business.

Having an effective sustainable communication strategy will help you:

Create Sustainability Changemakers

Your people are your secret weapon when it comes to achieving your sustainability goals, and it’s not just about your marketing team (although they play an important role), your entire workforce can get involved and help drive the change to Net Zero.

To help engage your employees, there are three main areas to work on. These include: communicating your vision, developing a sustainability team, and improving Net Zero literacy. By getting these areas right, you will unlock a team of engaged and driven sustainability ambassadors for your business.

Supercharge Your Reputation

Being recognised as a sustainability leader in your industry can strengthen your profile and increase your visibility. Effectively communicating your Net Zero and sustainability journey can add significant value to your business, both reputationally and strategically. 

By sharing your challenges as well as your successes, you will gain trust and credibility in the eyes of your stakeholders. And, by incorporating sustainability messaging throughout your communications, you will be able to increase external engagement in your sustainability journey.

Meet Stakeholder Expectations

It’s no longer just a consumer shift toward sustainability. More and more businesses are required to demonstrate proof of their sustainability plans and actions taken to reduce carbon emissions in order to be considered for tenders.

For businesses that remain silent, stakeholders may assume silent reflects a lack of progress on important issues. And while this evolving sustainability landscape presents some clear risks to overcome, the opportunities are endless for companies that are ready to respond.

Supercharge your sustainability communications with our free downloadable Net Zero Communications Pack. It contains a series of documents, templates and guides that will help you engage employees, drive positive change, spark stakeholder interest, and win business by maximising the opportunities created by your Net Zero journey.

Download Our Net Zero Communications Pack

Communications Pack
  • Author: Sophie Parrington, Marketing Assistant

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