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Our Expert View of the Energy Bill Relief Scheme

Our experts view of the energy bill relief scheme

The EBRS will provide welcome relief from what would have been dangerously high energy bills for businesses this winter and we are sure that many businesses will need the support to stay alive.

Whilst there will always be an element of complexity with a scheme on this scale, the way it has been structured represents a huge opportunity for businesses to embrace different ways of buying energy. A long-term energy buying strategy needs to be the route that businesses take from here, as the short-term fixes will only now jump from challenge to challenge.

Out of contract is not an option

Over the winter, deemed rates will prove to be the most expensive choice. Contracting through a fixed contract is better than not contracting at all – but flex will deliver the best result.

It’s going to be complicated

For suppliers, applying for the EBRS is going to be really complicated. They will need to apply for the discount through their billing systems, making sure that they apply the right level of discount to the right consumption, with it being a p/kWh discount. We see the three biggest challenges for suppliers being; identifying the correct discounts that need to be applied, having the system set up to apply discounts accurately, and finally, getting the discount applied on time.

Invoice validation is key

With the anticipated complexity of suppliers billing with the EBRS discounts this winter, having your invoices properly validated is going to be critical. With the levels of discounts that we are talking about, any errors could cost businesses thousands or more in terms of short-term cash flow. If this isn’t in place right now, it’s worth exploring options – something we can help with!

If you’re still unsure what EBRS is, then take a look at our other infographic Understanding the Energy Bill Relief Scheme.

  • Author: Paul Scarborough, CMO

  • Creative: Robyn Miller, Marketing Manager

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