Alex Pitman, head of the energy projects division, at Businesswise Solutions, talks about the importance of recognising energy usage levels within your business:

“Eliminating energy waste is an important step for most businesses as we all try to improve our energy outgoings and green footprint. Many companies have the opportunity to save up to 50% of their energy costs by using existing equipment in the correct manner at the right time.

Recent examples of client cases we have worked on include an office that wasted 30% of its energy when closed due to equipment being left on, a food manufacturer that started warming equipment up too early, costing the company £200 per day in wasted energy and lastly a factory that left unnecessary equipment on over the weekend, resulting in £500 per weekend in wasted energy.” 

When you start to add these figures up over one, two, three years and more, that is a lot of money thrown away. Looking at the office scenario as an example, through benchmarking a collection of offices we helped our client identify a poorly performing site.

“An audit showed saving potential of over £20,000 a year, simply by employing  better end of day procedures, including shutting down IT and cooling systems properly.

While operating across various industries, the principal objectives in saving energy are the same; it is the implementation and monitoring of these findings which will make a difference.”

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