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What to look for on a Site Audit – Systems Change

Systems change is a vital part of an energy audit. Auditors will look for the following information to review a business’s current energy management system:

  • Do they have a pre-existing energy management policy?
  • Do they currently know their energy consumption?
  • Do they have a well maintained BMS control system?
  • What other, if any, control systems do they have in place?

Having these systems in place is a fantastic tool for controlling your energy consumption. Having visibility of said consumption creates an effective starting place for creating positive change. Keeping you in control of your energy usage by monitoring spikes and dips and managing your carbon footprint far easier, a growing issue throughout the supply chain.

It is becoming far more common for end-users to request carbon contribution information from their suppliers and having this information available and up to date means you can keep up with these demands more readily.

  • Presenter: Andrew Bardsley, Head of Energy Management

  • Presenter: Andrew Butterworth, Energy Improvement Manager

  • Editor: Gabriel Ashworth, Marketing Assistant

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