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Driving Sustainability – Unlock the Power of Your Employees

When it comes to sustainability and Net Zero initiatives, a business’ people are often overlooked, which, in our experience, results in low engagement and poor performance against sustainability goals.

The truth is, your people are your secret weapon when it comes to achieving sustainability goals, and it’s not just about your Sustainability Team (although they play an important role), your whole business can get involved and help drive the change to Net Zero. But often the biggest challenge is knowing how to drive sustainability from within. 

To help businesses engage employees with their sustainability goals, there are three main areas to work on, these are: communicate your vision, build a sustainability team, and improve Net Zero literacy. By getting these areas right you will unlock a team of engaged and driven sustainability ambassadors for your business. 

Communicate Your VisionTo drive success, you need to communicate your sustainability aspirations and encourage involvement throughout the business. It’s harder for employees to be passionate and to want to get involved if you don’t tell them what you want to achieve and why it’s important to not only the business but the environment.

Build a Sustainability Team – One way to drive engagement is to built a Sustainability Team, to encourage interaction from across the business. Ultimately a sustainability team is a group of like-minded employees who will help drive your initiatives forward. We’ve created some great resources already on Sustainability Teams, check out our latest infographics: 5 Reasons to Start a Sustainability Team and How to Develop a Sustainability Team.

Improve Net Zero Literacy – Ensuring everyone understands what it means to become Net Zero and why it is important are the building blocks to getting your team involved, and having everyone involved makes taking action more powerful.  This could range from training sessions to simple sustainable tips.

Our Unlocking Internal Engagement Checklist breaks down these three areas, sharing ideas on ways you can encourage employee engagement. Unlock the power of your employees and drive sustainability from within, complete the form and we’ll send the checklist to your inbox!

Download Our Unlocking Internal Engagement Checklist

  • Author: Antonia Cheng, Assistant Energy Manager

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