5 things your boss expects you to know about energy

Being responsible for managing business energy can be tough: there’s an endless amount of acronyms to remember, an ever changing energy market to keep track of and, potentially, multiple contracts running simultaneously. So whether you’re a dedicated energy [...]

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Why our energy analysts are bigger blockbusters than Minority Report

If you’ve seen Minority Report (if you haven’t, go and watch - it’s brilliant) then you’ll know of the pre-cognitives (PreCogs) - three psychic humans tasked with predicting future crimes in a near-future Washington DC. These three sense [...]

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CEO’s – Improving business performance post lockdown and beyond

In a recent BCG investors survey, 90% of investors want CEO’s to prioritise long-term advantage through building business capabilities, while at the same time 69% want businesses to focus efforts on financial resilience through the crisis. That’s a [...]

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CFO’s – How are you controlling costs post lockdown?

With more than half of CFO’s expecting a decrease in revenue by 25% due to COVID-19, many are looking at ways to cut investment and release cash flow back into their businesses (according to a recent global survey [...]

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Digital transformation in energy management – succeeding in the virtual era

Covid-19 has forced us all to rethink how we run our businesses, and accelerated the digital transformation for most, if not all organisation. Be it conducting all meetings via a video conference call; leaving the office deserted as [...]

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The secret ‘silver bullet’ to business success and reaching the ‘end-game’

Starbucks and the ‘Sorbetto’ I’m reading (for the 2nd time) ‘Onward’ by ‘Howard Schultz of Starbucks’. I thought it may bring a little inspiration remembering how it was all about change through a difficult period. A few paragraphs [...]

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Key takeaways: Managing Energy during a phase of Business Continuity

As part of our ongoing mission to help businesses out during this transitional period, we hosted a webinar entitled ‘Managing Energy During a Phase of Business Continuity’ wherein our panel of three energy experts gave helpful advice on [...]

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