How one apprentice found his perfect job at Businesswise Solutions

How one apprentice found his perfect job at Businesswise... When apprentice James Waring was made redundant from his job at a Lancashire furniture manufacturer he decided to take matters into his own hands. The 20-year-old from Clitheroe lost [...]

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How will the Targeted Charging Review (TCR) affect your business?

From April 2022 all businesses will see a change in their non-commodity electricity charges - in layman's terms their non-energy costs. In particular, the current Triad system will be replaced with a fixed-cost banded voltage charging system. Why [...]

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4 reasons you should be talking about energy management

For some reason, businesses don’t like to talk about energy management. It feels like a dirty subject, something that should be avoided and only brought up when absolutely necessary. But we think that’s wrong, and here’s our killer [...]

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5 things your boss expects you to know about energy

Being responsible for managing business energy can be tough: there’s an endless amount of acronyms to remember, an ever changing energy market to keep track of and, potentially, multiple contracts running simultaneously. So whether you’re a dedicated energy [...]

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Why our energy analysts are bigger blockbusters than Minority Report

If you’ve seen Minority Report (if you haven’t, go and watch - it’s brilliant) then you’ll know of the pre-cognitives (PreCogs) - three psychic humans tasked with predicting future crimes in a near-future Washington DC. These three sense [...]

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